Behavioural Impairments

Behavioural Impairments

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Behavioural Impairments

Impulsivity and Inappropriate Behavior

Impulsivity can occur in brain injury victims who have lost the mental filter that makes people think before they speak or act. This can lead to particular difficulties with money and relationships. It can also make it difficult for brain injury sufferers to determine appropriate social behavior. They might, for example, approach strangers to discuss their injury.

Irritability and Emotional Instability

People with a brain injury can become easily frustrated, impatient, and angry. They may suffer from paranoia or emotional difficulty, crying or laughing too often or at inappropriate moments, and/or switching rapidly between extremes.

Brain injury can affect many communication skills, such as the capacity to begin or participate in conversation, shift gears while talking, control volume and tone, read and react to social cues, demonstrate interest in others, or make appropriate use of humor. Listening may be difficult for brain injury victims. They may talk too much, and memory issues may cause them to repeat themselves often. This, along with inflexibility, may make them seem self-centered and make forming friendships difficult.


A person with a brain injury may also become quite clingy, dislike being alone, and seek attention or affection.

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