Boyfriend bashes his pregnant girlfriend unconscious

The Courier-Mail

March 11, 2016


An appeal against Clifton Law’s sentence for assault occasioning bodily harm has seen it lifted from 12 months to 18 months.

A THUG who bashed his pregnant girlfriend unconscious and walked out of court without serving a day in jail has had his sentence increased on appeal.

Controversial magistrate Bernadette Callaghan’s lenient treatment of repeat offender Clifton Law sparked outrage when revealed in The Courier-Mail last year.

Now, a District Court judge has found Ms Callaghan was too soft on the “ice”-addicted Law and has ordered a tougher sentence be imposed.

A court was told that Law ­repeatedly punched and kicked his partner in the head, ribs and body until she passed out at her Caboolture home.

When she regained consciousness, he attacked her again until she blacked out a second time. Later that night, police found him outside her house with a machete.

At the time of the shocking attack, he had already been slapped with a domestic violence order that banned him from going within 50m of his partner unless it was for contact with their child.

He was also on a suspended jail sentence for other crimes when he launched the vicious assault.

But Ms Callaghan released Law on immediate parole on a 12-month prison sentence, saying she hoped the 20-year-old would become a community leader.

Police were outraged as the state sought to tackle shocking domes­tic violence rates and appealed on the grounds that it was manifestly ­inadequate.

District Court Judge Fleur Kingham has allowed the ­appeal and lifted Law’s sentence for assault occasioning bodily harm from 12 months to 18 months.

Law had been taken back into custody two months after Ms Callaghan released him on parole.

It is believed he breached conditions of his parole, but the Justice Department would not comment yesterday.