“This is your brain,” a man says, holding an egg.

Those who saw the public service announcement firsthand in the 1980s likely remember the rest. “This is drugs.” He points to a frying pan and cracks the egg inside. “This is your brain on drugs.”

The classic advertisement from 1987 has gotten a facelift for the modern day. The infamous egg remains, but the emphasis has changed.

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, now renamed as the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, was responsible for both the original ad and reboot.

“Got any questions?” was the end to the first ad, said with a tone of finality. In the new version, the question is meant to invite response. “Um yeah. I have questions,” a boy in the new commercial responds. He and other kids ask about prescription drugs, alcohol and heroin.

The commercial makes clear that it’s directed at parents rather than kids. “Mom, Dad, did you ever try drugs?” is now the emphasis of the ad. The voice of actor Allison Janney, of The West Wing fame, directs parents to ready themselves for questions from their kids by going onto the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids’s website.